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Başkandan Mesaj

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Başkandan Mesaj

On behalf of all the Members of the Board of Robert College Alumni Association and its employees, my heartfelt appreciation and utmost respect go out to all the exceptional individuals that envisioned Robert College Alumni Association and made it a permanent legacy for our College.

Robert College Alumni Association is one of the pillars of our beloved Robert College and we will be celebrating Robert College Alumni Association’s 60th. Anniversary throughout the year 2017.

-Vision for the future of Robert College Alumni Association:

We will stay true to our Charter and Foundation Documents and we’ll stay true to the mission and vision of the founding members of our association. As it’s dictated to be our “first responsibility” in our original Charter documents, we will:

a) Support Robert College financially and morally
b) We will create a scholarship fund.

While we make sure that these goals are met, we will strongly encourage our alumnus to “connect and stay connected”, to “volunteer, share, donate, give and/or get”, to “make a sustainable impact on society” and to “preserve and enrich Robert College legacy and heritage for all the alumni and all the students”.

-Robert College alumni:

We, as Robert College Alumni, are prepared to take flying leaps into the unknown. We believe that anything is possible. We see opportunity where others see impossibility. We are serial and social entrepreneurs, inquisitive and adventurous visionaries, honest and engaging creators, generous volunteers, well-informed academicians and genius-achievers wherever we are and in whichever institution we serve.

Therefore, we see every single Alumnus as an ambassador for the College within their professions, communities, environments and institutions and we see them as voluntary mentors and role-models for all the current and prospective RC students.

-Primary goals of Robert College Alumni Association:

We believe that RC Alumni should more generously support Robert College “financially” and should endow RC with more of their “time”, “expertise” and “enthusiasm”.

We believe that RC Alumni should provide current and prospective students with “more information” and “more advice”. Our alumni should “mentor” more and should create more “opportunities” for current and future students of Robert College.

As Robert College Alumni Association, we’ll help, guide and encourage every single RC alumni to build a deeper relationship and better-connect with Robert College and with all their fellow alumni because our alumni will eventually play exceptionally crucial roles as industry leaders, academicians, social disrupters and also as members of the faculty, staff, alumni board, trustees and even as parents.

Every single RC graduate is a genuinely valuable member of more than 12,000 esteemed RC alumni worldwide. Our primary role as the Robert College Alumni Association is to make sure that every single one of us maintains an enriching relationship with our alma mater and with our fellow alumni as well.

In order to achieve this goal, we encourage every alumnus to become a member and to participate in the RC Alumni Association. As an active member of RC Alumni Association, you will be “in the inner circle” playing your crucial part in making Robert College and the alumni network stronger.
We will be able to serve you better and keep you informed of all the developments that affect the College, your fellow RC Alumni and of all the upcoming special events. You will also have privileged access to our brand new “RC Alumni Network Platform”.

Whether it’s participating in an alumni club, committee or group, or attending alumni events, you will be able to join the six thousand-strong-alumni-members who work together to preserve the excellence of the Robert College and Robert College Alumni Association.

Robert College is and will always be a part of us and we will make sure that we are always a part of Robert College as well. We feel privileged and proud to have been students at Robert College and equally privileged to serve at the RC Alumni Association Board as “volunteers” playing a crucial role in shaping the future of our college.

-Volunteer, donate and give back to your Alma Mater:

Nowadays, we truly need each and every RC alumni to volunteer, donate and give-back to Robert College more than ever.

To learn more about the RC Alumni Association and to find out how you can get involved, please visit:


Arif Akdag
RC ’88
Chairman of the Board
Robert College Alumni Association

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